You have stumbled on to nowhere special, but, you will see a lot of video games, anime, and just media in general. Enjoy your stay :3c

23rd September 2014

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23rd September 2014

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the cute ones


the cute ones

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23rd September 2014

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hotels can’t be boring to me

they’re just fun

even if i’m sitting in the room watching tv or riding the elevator or sleeping it’s just fun for some reason like they’re average every day things but in a hotel everything is way more amusing and interesting and just simply being in a hotel is fun to me and i don’t understand

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23rd September 2014

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By Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing

This isn’t drawn by Hirano, it’s some fan art from around 2008. Becasue it’s been reposted so many times in the intervening years, I can’t find the source though. :/

Gentlemen, I love sources (raw, untranslated, of course)


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22nd September 2014

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these children have fought wars against the undead

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22nd September 2014

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Good god why is this cracking me up so much

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22nd September 2014

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I love this kid

I was wondering what happened to Bobby Hill.

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22nd September 2014

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by 東みなつ

by 東みなつ

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21st September 2014

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Eevee and eevelutions on sweet things! We were only supposed to do two illustrations. Oops I made nine gifs haha!

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21st September 2014

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when is her day off

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